Effectrode Atomic Power Supply

Effectrode Atomic Power Supply

The mighty Atomic™Isolated Power Supply was developed to meet the high power requirements of Effectrode tube effects pedals. Properly designed tube pedals require much more power than solid-state effects because of the tube heaters and high voltage operation. To get an idea take a look at the size of the transformers inside a vintage or boutique tube amp. The Atomic supplies a massive 6 amps – enough energy to power up to four of our tube pedals without compromising tone quality.

– Delivers a massive 6 amps at 12 Volts D.C. output for powering up to 4 vacuum tube effects
– Incredibly clean smoothed and regulated studio quality power supply
– Supplied with country-appropriate IEC power cable and four DC power leads
– Operates anywhere in the world from 110-250VAC. No more step up or step down transformers.
– Solid diecast aluminium case
– Fully isolated outlets completely eliminate earth loop hum
– Short circuit/overload protection protects your tube pedals from damage should they inadvertently be connected reverse polarity (some day all power supplies will be made like this!).
– One of the outputs can be configured to power 9V centre negative pedals (see note below)

Compatibility List
The Atomic is compatible with all Effectrode pedals (miniature and subminiature). It has also been tested with the following pedals by other manufacturers:

– Empress Super Delay (12V center +ve)
– Redwitch Titan Delay
– Providence Chrono Delay (12V center -ve)
– Kinglsey Bard (9V)
– Vertex Axis Wah (9V)
– Chicago Iron Octavian

£259 inc’ shipping

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