Just a belated thank-you for the excellent repair to the scratchplate on my D’Aquisto – lovely job.  Very fortunate that my son, Gavin, caught you in on a Saturday.

Afraid I was working away last week and didn’t get chance to get back to you.”

Thanks again,


PS You should have charged more!

“Been plugged in for the last 20 minutes and the strat plays like butter, brilliant service thanks again Nige (elite strat)”


“Hi Andy

A brilliant job, very happy so will leave a good review and will be in touch, in the not too distant future, for you to set up my 335 the same.



“Andy, just a note to say that the guitar played so much better last night.

Many thanks for helping to sort it. Hope to see you again next time.”

My best,


“Hi Andy,

Thanks for the work on the Les Paul. The pots and the cap change have made a big difference to the sound.”


“Thanks for seeing me earlier, I appreciated the advice and your time it confirms what I thought. If you could provide some info on what it was I would be grateful. ”

Thanks again, Dave.

P.S. Keep up the blog I really enjoyed it.

“Order received OK today. Sounds marvellous! Thanks for the prompt service.”

Dave B

“Hi Andy   

Arrived safe and sound, thanks for the quick post will give it a go soon as pos.”



“Hi Andy

Just want to say thanks for the great service.

Received pedal today, and sounds great.”

Many Thanks


“Hi Andy,

Just arrived.

Many thanks – great service as always.”



“Hi Andy one very happy teenager this morning. Thanks for all the work you put into setting up Rory’s guitar. It plays great and he is very pleased with it. We are serving cheese off it later this evening as well . Multi purpose 😉”



“Hi Andy

I’ve just recieved the compressor, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s simply perfect!
I just wanted to thank you for your great customer service, and the fast delivery.
Thank you.”

Best Regards



My amp is working perfectly and set up of the guitars are perfect. Thank you very much. Thanks for the coffee as well!”


“Hi Andy,
My guitar sounds fantastic; just how it should. Many thanks for sorting it out and coming over last night to let me pick it up.”


“Hi Andy,

You’ve done a beautiful job.
Many thanks indeed.”

Kind regards,

“Hi Andy,

Just wanted to say thanks for your service on the Rickenbacker. Arrived exactly when you said it did, and its a beauty! Gigged it last night and my guitarist (who is a hard man to impress) said my bass sound was the best its ever been. Sounded great through the old calssic Ampeg SVT setup.

Thanks once again, I do pop up to Nottingham here and there (mum’s side of the family all grew up there) so when I do ill pop in and say hi.”



“Hi Andy.
The guitar arrived today ! No problem during shipping, top packaging.
I love this Les Paul, that is just like you told me. Nice vintage player look and sounds good.
Thanks for all.”

Best regards

“Hi Andy,

Received in perfect condition – many thanks again'”



What a difference a good set up, and pot and wiring change makes.
You’ve done a great job, fantastic work again the tele sounds fantastic.

Many thanks!”



Through a deft combination of experienced handiwork – and faith in room-temperature – you brought my warp-necked Mexican Fender Jazz bass back to life. I thought I’d lost her – you felt differently! Thank you so much for your efforts. The set-up and action are better than they have ever been.



“Hi Andy,
Thank you very much for your mail and advice.

The amp arrived yesterday in the morning, so I found it when I came back home late in the evening, which was a very good welcome!

I understood quickly why you wouldn’t reopen the package to put the soft cover in: it was really a laborious and time-consuming packaging! And a great job too, since the Cornell arrived in perfect condition.
I unpacked it an tested it for some minutes yesterday (too late for making noises) and then early this morning. And as soon as I finish writing you I will get down to business for two or three hours.

I was important to read some of the instructions in the manual. the amp sounds wonderfully and there is a lot of work to do with it to discover its full capabilities. On the top of that, it is a beautiful piece of work indeed.
I will also write to Denis Cornell to thank him.

Thank you again for everything, Andy, it has been a real pleasure dealing with you.

All the best,”

“After some time studying information about some thirty boutique amps I finally decided to get a Romany 12.

I bought it from Andy Avison. It was a pleasure to deal with him. He gave me all the information I needed, he sent me your last design he had just received (and I guess he had two ancient models on stock), changed the mains lead so I could use it here in Spain, included a soft cover, his price was better than the rest.. it was a very fine purchasing experience.

The amp arrived last Friday and yesterday I could use it for some hours. I know I still have a lot to learn about its possibilities but I would like to let you know I love the clean crystal-clear sound it has.I also tried on it my only pedal, a Durham Electronics Mucho Boosto. With the C power output ant the pedal gain cranked, the distorted sound I got was lovely: I always had distorted sounds that I found strident (I don’t know if in English the meaning is exactly the same as it is in Spanish) and the Romany gave me a compact, thick and at the same time sweet subtle sound I had dreamt about for years and thought it was not possible to get directly from an amp (most of what I know about tone I learnt during this recent process of browsing through all these fine amps).

I think the Eq switch is much better than a pull/push volume knob and I’m very glad I have it. On top of it all, the design of your amp is really a beatiful thing, and Andy is right, I find myself often staring at this nice leather handle…

I don’t want to get too long and boring. I expect to get a lot of learning and pleasure from the fruits of your nice work.

Best regards,”



Great work, everyone is pleased I have two more guitars to drop off when I am next down in Nottingham.



“Hi Andy,

Just to say that the Mastery bridge arrived yesterday (I missed the delivery but the nice man at the post office let me prise it from their grasp without waiting the required 24 hours).

It’s all installed & setup and ticks all the boxes, and sounds very well-rounded with a lot of sustain. It must have knocked about half a pound off the weight of the guitar to boot! What a superb bit of kit.

Your service is equally superb; many thanks for the fastest dispatch & delivery I’ve encountered.

Thanks again!”


“Hi Andy,

Just wanted to thank you for the work you’ve done on my Les Paul. She’s playing great!

All the best”


“Hello Andy,

The bridge arrived on Friday. I’m very happy. Many thanks!”


“Andy thank you. I’ll send you a music! Spend a good time in your beautiful store.”


“Hi Andy

it was good to see you today. The re-fret and lacquer look great.”

Thanks again, and all the best,


“Thanks Andy,

Arrived this morning – great service!!!

Best wishes”


“Thanks for the work you’ve done on my guitar Andy, so much easier to play and sounds great!




“About as good as it gets on reverb or anywhere else! If i could do ten stars I would. Thank you!”

Greg Noseworthy

“Hi Andy

Just a quick message to say thanks in regards to purchasing the 1997 Gibson Les Paul off you today, top quality guitar at such a great price and sounds awesome driven through my Orange valve amp . I just want to add that your shop has such a relaxed atmosphere without the usual sell sell sell bollocks that other guitar shops seem to push on you, so thanks again and iI’ll be popping in again in the near future to hopefully pay you guys to have my Strat set up .

Kind regards”


“Hi Andy,

The acoustic sounds great and the set up is spot on, played it so much my hand is hurting.

Thanks again Andy.”


“Thanks for that Andy,

That was the sort of sentiment I picked up from the web when I was looking for info on them. I knew there was something a bit special about it as soon as I played it. Played for a few minutes when I got home and couldn’t get the smile off my face!
Thanks again for finding such great guitars.

All the best”


“Hi Andy,

Thanks for the invoice and for your time in helping me get the right amp for me. I’ve had a chance to play it at home much of this afternoon and it sounds cracking. With a bit of pickup height adjustment all my guitars seem to work really well with it. Still not sure quite what makes this little monster so magical but it absolutely sings – it seems like every note just can’t wait to jump out from the speaker!

Kind regards”



Just a mail to say thanks, guitar is playing like a dream. Unlike it’s owner!

Great job and thanks again.”



Quick note to say great to meet you today, and thanks for all your help with the guitar. It is really great and I am enjoying playing it a lot!

Once again thanks, much appreciated.”


“Hi Andy

Just to say thanks so very much, Deacon is amazing, sounds a lot different to the Breadwinner. Thanks again for helping me with my wish list. Also nice to meet at last.

Cheers again”


A quick note to say thank you for looking after my guitars.

I am particularly delighted to get the acoustic back. I feel like I have a mate back in my life!



“Many thanks Andy.

Great service indeed. Have a good weekend when you get to it.



“Hi Andy,

The Bridge arrived on Wednesday. WoW, that was very quick.Installing it was a piece of cake.

The only problem was that the wider post – supposed to fit Japanese guitars – were too wide. The narrow ones fit perfect.

Oh, and I need to file hex key for intonating because in this guitar there is not much space between Bridge and Bigsby. Now the guitar resonates like a dream! Incredible upgrade. Thanks for your support!



“After my Peavey Classic 30 blew at practice to the point of no return, it was new amp time. Thankfully, Andy was able to help me out and supplied me with a Cornell Plexi 7.

Sure, its 23 watts quieter than my peavey in numerical terms, but the real-world volume – and most importantly TONE – was out of this world.

Rich, precise bottom end and sparkling highs, with a pronounced middle, the Plexi is not only the sound I’ve been endlessly searching for, but also the amp that I don’t think I could ever part with!

Two gigs in and the amp has received plenty of praise for just how good it sounds.”

Joshua Hall

“Hi Andy

I have now finally had the guitar delivered and I’m more than happy. I feel so comfortable with this model – nice flat fingerboard, a bit thicker (and lighter) than a 335 but not as thick as a 175.

I’ll try to fade the red a bit in sunlight – it’s too red, but that’s the only thing that is not absolutely perfect. You packed really well and that strip of wood is genius – only thing you could think of for the future is that the stringholder on a jazzbox isn’t firmly attached, so it was actually loose in the case. Nothing has happened but it could possibly have cracked a control or scraped the top, if the box had been thrown about carelessly.

Once again

Thank You”


“This amp is absolutely awesome. The best I’ve ever had and I’ve had Marshall, Peavey (EVH 5150), Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier half stack, Lpnestar 2×12 combo, Boogie Tremoverb 2×12 combo …….. the list goes on and on ….. Think I have found the holy grail of amplifiers. Please pass on my best regards to Denis Cornell. This is absolutely spot on drop dead gorgeous tone.

Can you tell I like it?”

Kenneth Stephen Kowalski

“Hi Andy

Thanks for the work on the strat, sounds and feels amazing!

With thanks”


“Hi Andy.

I just wanted to let you know that i’m still happy with the guitar and that i’m keeping it.
I want to say thank you for the deal, and for being very communicative. I’ll make sure to drop by your facebook page and say something nice.

Cheers, and merry Christmas”

“Thanks Andy.

Nice to meet you last week. Really pleased with the Cornell – great amp.

Kind regards”


“Hi Andy,

Just want to thank you again for setting up my strat. Since you’ve sorted it out I literally can’t put it down its a completely different instrument so thank you. May have to bring my other gear down to you!”


“Good Morning Andy,

Just a message to confirm my M2 Mastery Bridge has arrived.
What a thing of beauty it is. Great engineering as well.
Now off to fit it to Jazzmaster.
Thanks for the picks and your advice
I will keep an eye on your website.

Thanks again”


“Hi Andy,

Had a chance to give the Strat a good workout this evening at rehearsal and very impressed with the work you did. The neck feels great, the action is perfect and it’s playing and sounding great. Many thanks.”


“Hi Andy,

Thanks for the work on the strat , you’ve done a great job.”


“Hi Andy,

Guitar arrived safe and well yesterday morning, it sounds good and plays great, very happy! And thanks for the strings!

Many thanks”


“Hi Andy,

BIG thank for sorting my guitar out with the new picks ups, the work really well. Massive difference. I don’t even need to use the noise gate anymore.

Thanks again”


“Hello Andy,

First, sorry for my English: I’m French, nobody is perfect.

Last week I ordered (on Reverb.com) a Fredric Effects Golden Eagle coming from your store. I just received it this morning and plugged it. I don’t know how they do, at Fredric Effects, but I already have their Green Russian Muff, and all I can say is that both of them are very very good on their own, very very good together, and very very good with all my others pedals. Furthermore, compared to other similar quality gear, their prices are gifts.

For an unknown reason of my bad technology knowledge, I can’t access to their website, and I’m not on Facebook. So I can’t congratulate them and thank them. If you could do it for me, it would be very nice of you. Otherwise it does not matter.

Anyway, I want to thank you first for sending the Golden Eagle, which arrived in perfect condition and works perfectly well. I’m very satisfied about this purchase.

Congratulations too for your website, which is very well done, simple, aesthetic, with many interesting things, (for example your blog, but unfortunately I do not read easily English).

Thank you too for your card, and for the Nottingham City Guitars pick.

Really with my best regards”

Michel Wichegrod

“Hi Andy,

The Golden Eagle pedal arrived safely this morning. Looking forward to gigging with it on Saturday.

Thanks for your help!”


“Thanks Andy, its just arrived.

The Mastery Bridge.. Its a thing of beauty”


“Hi Andy,

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the work done! The guitar hasn’t sounded so good in the entire time I’ve owned it! Cannot thank you enough.

Really grateful for the volume dial too! Hadn’t thought to ask.

Thanks again man!”


“Dear Andy,

Guild arrived safe and sound. Thanks for the extras most generous. Very very pleased it sounds awesome, again thanks very much.”


“Hi Andy

Univibe. I’m keeping it! Awesome sound.”


“Hi Andy,

String tree arrived the next day after the order.
Thank you so much for the fantastic service.

Hopefully I’ll be in touch with another order soon!



“Hi Andy,

The guitar arrived yesterday, it was a lightning fast shipment! The packaging was exceptional, better than any other guitars I have ever bought from anywhere in the world.

I must say, this piece is absolutely gorgeous! The case obviously has seen better days, but who cares, it looks really authentic and does its job.
The guitar itself is simply perfect. The body, the neck, the frets, binding, headstock, pegs, etc. are absolutely fine. It must have had a very caring owner, and I suppose you also did some refreshment in your shop as well…Setup could not be better for me, action is low, intonation is perfect, even the strings would last for a while. Knowing this is a little older piece than I am (I’m 45 now), well I must admit it is in far better condition than me J.

Anyway thanks again for your assistance in this business, it was really my pleasure. I’ll keep checking your shop, maybe some other lovely thing comes up in the future.”


“Hi Andy,

Just wanted to say didn’t have time to try my guitar (Gordon Smith) in the shop Saturday but you have done a brilliant job. Why I didn’t get it set up professionally years ago I will never know. Its like a completely different instrument.”

John Shepherd

“Sorry I’m bit late with this email, just a quick word to say thank you for the great service and mugs of tea.

And also like to make a point of highly recommending Cornell guitar amps, for many years I hoped to try Dennis Cornell’s amps. And as soon as I saw that Nottingham City Guitars stocked them, I tried them. I now have a Romany Plus and the new Vintage Brown, both stunningly made and great sounding valve amps. You could think that his amps are expensive, when you can buy valve amps cheaper.

Most valve guitar amps are printed circuit boards cheap to make and not the best things to repair.
Cornell amps are point to point, expensive to make and easier to repair.

I have spoken to Dennis Cornell and I’m convinced he makes his amps to leave a legacy not just to make a living. So if you are in the market for a new guitar amp, give Cornell amps a go.

Thanks again Andy.”


“Have had my Guitar back a day now after having had work done having a Parsons Green B Bender fitted, and I have only one word to describe the work done, the playability, and most amazingly all the issues that people warned me about such as tuning, snapping strings, noises from the unit itself, I HAVE NONE of those problems at all, I can Bend and bend as much as I want, 2 hours nearly this morning, One word AWESOME. I love it. Thank You so much Andy At Nottingham City Guitars. Your work is amazing, your setups amazing. Thank you so much!”

“Just wanted to say thanks again for the work you did on my Tele now I have had chance to play it more. I am very happy with the feel and the look of the instrument, and enjoying playing it a lot. With best regards,”


“Got my the guitar home last night and couldn’t put it down. You have done an exceptional job in upgrading an already good guitar and taking it to another level. Your pinpoint accuracy in fitting the new Bigsby tremolo is absolute stunning. You are a true craftsman with a great eye for detail. I hope this demonstrates to all the Bigsby chickens or sceptics out there that when the trem is fitted properly it’s a stable as any hard tail guitar. Thank you once again for a great job and more important outstanding customer service which is a rare commodity in this world of mediocrity.”


“There are plenty of decent #guitar shops, there are a few amazing #guitar shops, there is only one @nottmguitars #simplythebest #Nottingham”

Perry Holmes

“Hi Andy, got everything sorted! I’m really pleased with the products, many thanks.”


“Andy thanks so much for the E333 she’s a beauty – cheers for the beers too.”


“It’s a pleasure doing business with you. All the best.”



I wanted to drop you a line about my Joe Pass – I have no idea how you’ve done it but you’ve transformed an ugly duckling into a sublime swan. I’ve spent the best 4 or 5 hours with a guitar I’ve had in a long time this evening, it’s that good!

It’s great to know I’ve got someone I can trust with my guitars on my doorstep!

Thanks again”


“Hi Andy, got everything sorted! I’m really pleased with the Mastery Bridge products, many thanks,”


“Hello Andy,

Just wanted to say thank you, what an extraordinary difference a millimetre can make! I’ve done six gigs (including a two-hour slot yesterday) since collecting my guitar from you and it feels and plays like a different instrument, AND amazingly I haven’t broken a single string. Very happy indeed.”

Cheers, Paul

“Hi Andy,

I was going to email you today and say thanks,

I’ve given the Strat a good go and it looks and plays great, well worth investing the time and money to get the original parts as well as the hard work from you to bring it back to it’s original glory, really happy and a huge transformation from what arrived on my doorstep a couple of months ago!”


“Hi Andy,

The Gretsch sounds and plays great thank you, very pleased with it.

I’ll be back in with that other one.”


“Hi Andy, Howard Rose here. Just a few lines to say a very big thank you for the guitar. It is absolutely splendid, made a big positive difference to my life. Also read your latest blog, you are quite a talent.”

Thanks again


“Just sending you an email to say thanks for the great service you gave me.
The amp is sounding great,and is getting better as it gets more played in.
I had some problems with my pedal board at first Squashing the tone of the amp , but I have resolved that problem.
I see your stocking Coopersonic pedals, I have two on my pedal board they are a quality product.
I hope to get to your shop on the last Friday of the month to check out their fuzz pedals.
Gigging the amp this weekend for the first time.”


“Hi Andy,

Fitted the bridge to my Fender Jaguar MIJ the day after I bought it, so I’ve given it a good play before making a final judgement. I have to say it’s done everything the makers claim.

All the buzzing, rattles, string popping etc are cured at a stroke but it definitely adds more life to the sound without changing the jaguar’s personality.

I’d most definitely recommend any jaguar/jazzmaster player to fit this bridge, they won’t regret it.

By the way, although my guitar is Japanese made, the american size posts fitted it not the over-sized ones intended for MIJ guitars !!!”


“I popped in yesterday for the Mastery M1!

I got it straight in with no problems and the intonation was almost perfectly set straight away. It has improved the guitar for sure! It’s much more resonant and is seeming even more stable than before. It’s incredible, I just cant believe it! It’s made beautifully too, so positive all round!

Cheers for the help and the chat yesterday, really liked the shop! Hopefully be back for something soon.”


#FF @nottmguitars simply the finest #guitar shop in the East Midlands and possibly the world…. #fact #RockNRoll

Perry Holmes

Hi Andy, just thought I’d write and thank you for all of your help with my recent transactions.
Firstly let me say what an interesting shop you have……not stocked with the usual rubbish that one see’s in most guitar shops.

The Cornell Romany Plus I bought is an absolute joy to use and fits my needs perfectly, it’s nice to find a handmade guitar amp made in the UK with an american flavour……highly recommended.

I also bought a used Fender Princeton re-issue amp as a bit of a project (nothing at all wrong with the amp) I just want to do a hardwood cabinet…..and this amp was sold at a very very reasonable price.

Lastly I purchased an EMG DG20 (David Gilmore) active pickup loaded pick guard for a strat……this has completely transformed my existing Strat (which I was considering parting with prior to the purchase) and the Strat is now destined to remain in my guitar collection.

I’ve travelled down from Manchester twice to your Nottingham shop, and on both occasions I was immediately offered a cup of tea after my journey, this may not seem a lot to most people but your hospitality in these days of guitar superstores is refreshing…..as was the tea!!!

I look forward to more excellent deals in the future and the 2 1/2 hour journey that I will make to get there should prove, that you have now got another loyal customer.

All the best for 2015 and I hope that your business goes from strength to strength…..it deserves to!!!

Kindest Regards……MarkW

“Thank you @nottmguitars for giving my 1967 Martin D35 some much needed #TLC”

“Hi. This is Tony Foster guitarist with NWOBHM band Sparta. During a recent rehersal I accidentally dropped my 1972 Gibson SG deluxe. Gutted was not the word. I thought RIP Gipson. But I contacted Andy Avison at Nottingham City Guitars . He was able to fix the break and set up the guitar from scratch again. I cant tell the difference. Great work from a very skilled guitar repairer. I would recommend this guy to anyone who wants a guitar repair. Alchemy in action.”

“My latest #fender #guitar is a thing of beauty sourced from and set up exquisitely by @nottmguitars”

“Thanks to Nottingham City Guitars for picking up my Fender Squire-Strat & Falcon Guitars for set-ups. Much appreciated”

“Cheers Andy, I will get another bridge at some point soon… I’ll let you know when. Thanks again for the work you’ve done, it plays 100 times better!”

“Hi Andy. Been meaning to call into your shop but have been a bit busy just lately. I wanted to thank you for all the advice and time you’ve given me. Because of you I’d gone from thinking about buying the Baja, to a Standard and then after seeing your Deluxe and listening to you, to buying one and it plays beautifully. I continue to tell all my friends and people that I meet that Nottingham City Guitars is the best Guitar shop around and I will hopefully be in myself some time soon for strings and any other stuff that I need. Thanks again for all your help.”

“Thanks very much for this, and for your great service the last couple of days: it’s much appreciated. I got home yesterday and played my guitar for about 5 hours without stopping, the amp really is fantastic, way better than anything I had in mind, and worth the money. Have a beer on me sometime over the weekend: I really like what you’re doing with the shop, I wish you the very best of luck with it.”

“I recently bought a vintage fender amp from Andy Avison at nottingham city guitars. Not only was the amp exactly as i expected to find it from the online description: properly serviced and set up, but the simple blend of personal professional knowledge, good business style and friendly atmosphere was very welcome. Overall a very positive experience within the cut and thrust of the vintage market.”

“Thanks for the Blueshawk, its finally arrived safe and sound here in Crete. The packaging ??? I’m glad that we don’t spend Christmas at your place, it must have taken me all of ten minutes to get to the guitar but it certainly did the job thanks.”