Nottingham City Guitars in-house workshop covers most aspects of service, repair and restoration for acoustic, electric guitars and bass, even the odd cello or double bass. Where possible work is undertaken on a fixed price or agreed budget following inspection of the instrument. If further work is needed we will advise before additional expense is incurred. Work is turned round quickly. We often undertake repairs or a set-up the same day if urgent. It’s amazing how the right attitude, or not, can queue jump ! Instruments can be dropped off without notice. We prefer them in a case or gig-bag. We undertake set-ups, fret dressing, re-frets, new nuts and saddles, broken head stocks, structural repairs & routing, installation of Bigsby and B-Benders, machine heads, new hardware, electrical work, pickup installation, new jacks, pot’s and switches, re-finishing. Don’t worry if it’s not listed – we do it! We hold a good stock of quality spares and some vintage and used parts. We supply and fit Hipshot hardware, MasteryBridge, Kluson tuners & manufacture our own hand wound pickups. Please see our Facebook page for repair archive photo’s. We do not undertake amp repairs but highly recommend Martin Cooper of Coopersonic Work can be arranged directly with Martin and collected / delivered from our workshop. The following prices exclude parts & strings, unless stated otherwise and are applicable to 6 & 4 string guitars. We only use quality spares and will discuss options with you. Please email if you have any queries – Workshop terms and conditions are listed on our Terms & Conditions page.


Playability and sound quality can be dramatically improved on most guitars with a thorough set-up. Unfortunately most new guitars leave the factory, & usually retailer too, without any such adjustment. A guitar set-up fine tunes an instrument, literally and figuratively, adjusting the string action, saddles, neck relief, nut, pickup response and intonation. This process can transform an instrument and be particularly beneficial to beginners who are otherwise put off by an unwieldy guitar with high action. A set-up is usually required following a change of string gauge or permanent change of ambient temperature. A heavily played guitar may require a fret dress prior to set-up. This process levels, re-profiles and polishes all the frets along the neck, removing troughs and flat spots. Fret dress incurs additional costs noted below. A standard set-up includes – Check & document original set-up. Clean guitar, check machine heads, hardware, strap buttons. Clean pot’s & switches where accessible. Check frets & fret level. Polish frets, clean & oil fingerboard. Adjust nut if required, adjust truss rod & neck relief, action, saddles, pickup heights, & intonation. Lubricate & re-string to chosen gauge. Document new set-up & string brand / gauge. We supply and fit Ernie Ball, D’Addario, Newtone or Elixir strings or a happy to fit your own new strings supplied to us. Electric £38 Acoustic £32. With fret dress & crown at same time add £45. With Floyd Rose add £20

Neck & Fretboard

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Install new nut £45 plus nut.
Install new nut on 12 string £70 plus nut.
Nut prices vary depending on material between £4 – £15 approximately.

Cost of new nickel silver frets and Setup is included. Stainless steel frets will incur additional charges.

Fret dress & crown, setup & re-string £83
Complete re-fret Rosewood / Ebony fingerboard from £185
Complete re-fret Maple fingerboard, including re-finishing lacquer from £200
Complete re-fret bound fingerboard from £220
Partial re-frets, Rosewood, from around £25 plus £8 per fret. Generally a fret dress & setup will then be required at cost above. Finishing on Maple fingerboards for partial re-fret is extra.
Re-fretting often requires installation of a new nut as new frets will be higher than worn frets removed. Cost of nut replacement will be charged in addition to fret work costs above.

Fit new machineheads, direct replacement from £20
Fit new machineheads with modifications from £30
Repair broken headstock from £55, excluding re-finishing. Re-finishing costs vary.
Re-thread & replace truss rod nut from £35
Block off tremolo (reversible) £15
Adjust saddle on acoustic guitar & re-string £30
Cut new saddle & re-string £40 plus saddle
Acoustic bridge repairs, re-fixing, pin reaming, from £25
Install under-saddle transducer pickup and output jack, from £30
We supply & fit Hipshot B-Benders & Parsons/Green string bending systems. Fitting costs vary, please enquire.
When electrical components are exposed as part of the work order we will photograph and clean pot’s & switches before re-assembly. All solder used is lead based. Wherever possible we use quality screened cable & components.

We have a workshop guitar enabling you to experiment with different tone capacitors and try our own single coil hand wound pickups.

Costs excluding parts unless noted

Replace jack socket £25 inc’ Switchcraft jack.
Replace volume or tone pot’ from £28 inc’ CTS pot’.
Switch replacement from £15
Fit treble bleed circuit £24 including components.
Fit new tone capacitor £15
Fit new pickups from £15 one pickup, plus £10 per additional pickup.
Rewind customer’s pickup from £60 each. Fitting extra.
Wax potting pickups £18 one pickup, plus £10 per additional pickup.
Wax potting customer supplied pickups £8 each.
Copper foil electrical shielding & earthing, fully soldered from £45 including materials.

Fit strap buttons £10
Body repairs, split stitching, dents – from £45 depending on finish.
Custom scratch plates hand cut from £40


We offer an in-house re-finishing service, from application of decals, touch-up work to bodies & necks to full re-sprays and sun burst finishes. Please be aware that the cost of re-finishing can often exceed the value of the guitar and further costs are incurred if we need to strip, reassemble and set up the guitar on completion of works. Generally older vintage instruments will be de-valued if they are re-finished.

Please enquire on costs and time slots available. We would recommend allowing up to eight weeks for finishing works to allow adequate hardening of new coatings.

We work with various finishing products including nitro-cellulose lacquers and paints, alcohol stains and water based paints.


If you really must and can’t wait a lifetime please look no further. We can corrode metal work and cause maximum distress to both you and your instrument in a heartbeat. Re-finishing takes a bit longer if you are looking for that authentic worn paint-on-paint effect. The bonus is there’s no hangover involved for or a killer 40-a-day habit and there’s no charge for dents or chips.

See some of the relics here.

All work is guaranteed. A written / email report & photos are provided for all work undertaken.